British Museum

The British Museum

by María Magdalena Ziegler More than 260 years ago, in 1753, through the British Museum Act, the famous British Museum in London received royal consent and, thus, the world's first public national museum was instituted. It is only fair to remember that until that moment valuable collections of artistic and diverse objects were the exclusive …

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María Elena Del Valle: “Toda creación es anticipo del final.”

Conversación con quien es educadora de cuna, atleta de bicicleta de gimnasio y amiga sin distancias.

To Forget and the force beneath remembrance

When you have done so much for so many, remembrance will be always there.

Mary Martínez: “Aprender a ver es una necesidad vital.”

La bondad, la sonrisa y la dedicación de quien sabe del arte en su espíritu.

Ariana López: “I see metaphors anywhere”

Imagine a hummingbird. Imagine a bunch of wild flowers. Imagine you could get someone out of mixing both. That person would be Ariana López Di Rocco. The mix is impossible in the prosaic world we insist on living. But it is absolutely feasible in the world she insists is possible.