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María Magdalena Ziegler D.

Knowmad~ [ PhDilettante ] ArtHistory / eLearning / UX & stuff / Some languages spoken /

I am a Math atheist and knowmad by nature. Technology enthusiast and Mac lover (PCs are ok too). Love art history and the possibilities it brings to UX Design. Strongly believe eLearning will make the world a better place (ask me how!). 

Living in Venezuela these days (yeah, I know, weird country!), but I would travel if necessary. My suitcases are always ready. 

I am a proud Teachlr ambassador right now  (spreading the wonders of eLearning everywhere).

I am a University professor since 2003 (and still loving it) at Unimet. History of art & culture as well as Cultural Heritage have been my favorite and usual courses (for undergraduate and graduate students).

If you want to check some of my eLearning courses at Unimet virtual campus, you are welcome to do so. But if you want to do something like that (or even better) I would be more than happy to show you.

More about me on my social networks spaces and right here, of course. Do not be afraid to browse (and follow around).


Art Historian

Since the dawn of time art is a source to understand our ability to create, to solve problems and to communicate. Studying the history of art humanity reveals in time and space, in cultural environments.

If you want to know about art history, about the culture involved; if you want to be surprise by the things you can learn about the power of images now and then; if you want to support serious research in this field… here I am. 


UX Designer

The greatest experience of all is life itself. If we consider every experience and the design in it, we could unravel the wonders it compresses. Experiences can be design. Do not waste time.

If you want to make the user experience of your product or service (physical or digital) something memorable; if you believe every process is a experience that can be improved; if you need serious advice about that product you are creating… here I am. 

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Knowledge is an addiction that pushes you to explore, discover and create without end.

If you believe teaching and learning are a unique experience; if you believe this experience must be conceived as a whole; if you are an elearning enthusiast and need advice about introducing it to your company or organization… here I am. 


Can I be useful in anyway? Drop me a line (or two). 

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