Art, Censorship & WWI

by María Magdalena Ziegler Although in stories of battles and soldiers, it seems that there is no other possibility than big epic rhetoric when art displays war scenes, WWI proved the opposite. What is the alternative to the epic in representations of war in art then? Would it be possible to represent the cruel reality of …

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The Epic Lost: Art & WWI

The epic representation of a battle with the display of spirited horses, brave soldiers, and smoking cannons had been common in Western art during the 19th Century until WWI came along.

From art forgers to fake art history

Art forgers are just fancy burglars, swindlers who make a living out of faking art. Art scholars could be art history forgers when their coherence is lost.

Why the Arnolfini double portrait is a celebration masterpiece

When you have a friend that is an artist friend you ask him to celebrate with a masterpiece.

Fake Art in times of Fake News: the case of Leonardo’s “Salvator Mundi”

by María Magdalena Ziegler  "Fake News" is probably one of the most used terms in social networks these days. But a competition is now coming up close. On October 19th, Chicago Art Institute expressed that Trump's bragged Renoir's was not such. Art Institute spokeswoman Amanda Hicks said the painting of the French painter called "Two sisters on a …

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