Alike: when creativity rejoices

Do not be afraid of creativity. Embrace it and rejoice!


:::: History of Typography ::::

Barrett-Forrest explains the variations between early serif fonts such as Caslon and Baskerville and how they evolved into modern sans serif fonts such as Futura and Helvetica. [From DeZeen]

[ A Life With Leica ]

Thorsten von Overgaard, a Danish writer and photographer, born in 1965, specializing in portrait & documentary photography. He is also an educator and loves to write about photography... you can get to know him better at his very own web site. A Life With Leica from Northpass Media on Vimeo. Filmed over 7 days - A Life …

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::: Hello, Mr. Turner! :::

Of all British artists, J.M.W. Turner has always mesmerized me. His superb sense of color and his incredible vision of nature has thrown every other artist miles away from perfection. That a movie embraces him is such a joy. Watch the trailer of this magnificent film, directed and written by Mike Leigh, and Timothy Spall …

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Soto: The Houston Penetrable :::.

The wonders of Jesús Soto.

What Google Art Project is doing for art lovers all over the world :::…

If you are familiar with Google Art Project, then here you will not find anything new. But if you are not and you happened to be and art lover, then here is some information that will rock you world. Watch this two videos and start enjoying art without traveling. Not that being in the Louvre …

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Van Gogh Shadow :::.. Video 3D animation made by Luca Agnani. More from his work here: