Alike: when creativity rejoices

Do not be afraid of creativity. Embrace it and rejoice!

:::: History of Typography ::::

Barrett-Forrest explains the variations between early serif fonts such as Caslon and Baskerville and how they evolved into modern sans serif fonts such as Futura and Helvetica. [From DeZeen]

[ A Life With Leica ]

Thorsten von Overgaard, a Danish writer and photographer, born in 1965, specializing in portrait & documentary photography. He is also an educator and loves to write about photography... you can get to know him better at his very own web site. A Life With Leica from Northpass Media on Vimeo. Filmed over 7 days - A Life …

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::: Hello, Mr. Turner! :::

Of all British artists, J.M.W. Turner has always mesmerized me. His superb sense of color and his incredible vision of nature has thrown every other artist miles away from perfection. That a movie embraces him is such a joy. Watch the trailer of this magnificent film, directed and written by Mike Leigh, and Timothy Spall …

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Soto: The Houston Penetrable :::.

The wonders of Jesús Soto.