The Epic Lost: Art & WWI

The epic representation of a battle with the display of spirited horses, brave soldiers, and smoking cannons had been common in Western art during the 19th Century until WWI came along.

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There is joy in the history of art

by María Magdalena Ziegler D.   Thousands of slides in an hour. That’s the story behind a traditional class about the history of art. But it shouldn’t be that way anymore. Stop the boring art history classes now! If you’re an art teacher or just a curious person who is in love with art history, then …

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Goya and the drama of History :::.

In 1814, Goya painted two masterpieces about his recent history, about the history of his country and the drama in it.

In search of David (Part III)

Get closer to the story of this famous statue made from the impossible.

In search of David (Part II)

Before Michelangelo, other attempted to create a masterpiece out a giant marble block... they surrendered.