A Concise History of The Origins of Cinema

This documentary simply and concisely covers the vastly complex history of the origins of Cinema.


El Patrimonio Cultural y los valores histórico-culturales

El Patrimonio Cultural debe considerarse parte fundamental para la enseñanza de la Historia como contribución a la construcción de ciudadanía.

In search of David (and Part V)

Final part of the story of one of the most famous sculptures of the History of Art.

In search of David (Part IV)

Thrid part of the story of one of the most iconic sculpture of the history of art.

In search of David (Part III)

Get closer to the story of this famous statue made from the impossible.

In search of David (Part I)

First part of a reflection on one of the most celebrated sculptures in art history

Dressed to impress :::.

When you're powerful and have royalty in your blood, fashion is your secret weapon.