In search of David (Part III)

Get closer to the story of this famous statue made from the impossible.

In search of David (Part II)

Before Michelangelo, other attempted to create a masterpiece out a giant marble block... they surrendered.

In search of David (Part I)

First part of a reflection on one of the most celebrated sculptures in art history

Freud, Nietzsche & the power of art :::.

by María Magdalena Ziegler  “He who possesses science and art also has religion; but he who possesses neither of the two, let him have religion.” Sigmund Freud (Civilization and its discontents, 1939) uses that well-known saying from Goethe to lead us into the comprehension of the representative roles Science and Art fulfill in the place …

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::: Hello, Mr. Turner! :::

Of all British artists, J.M.W. Turner has always mesmerized me. His superb sense of color and his incredible vision of nature has thrown every other artist miles away from perfection. That a movie embraces him is such a joy. Watch the trailer of this magnificent film, directed and written by Mike Leigh, and Timothy Spall …

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