Ariana López: “I see metaphors anywhere”

Imagine a hummingbird. Imagine a bunch of wild flowers. Imagine you could get someone out of mixing both. That person would be Ariana López Di Rocco. The mix is impossible in the prosaic world we insist on living. But it is absolutely feasible in the world she insists is possible. 

Google Arts & Culture finds your masterpiece face

Enjoy finding your doppelganger in the history of art. Selfie are way more cooler with Google Arts & Culture app.

An invitation to learn!

When in doubt about learning... read this!


Alike: when creativity rejoices

Do not be afraid of creativity. Embrace it and rejoice!

Education in the 21st Century and where to find the new Leonardo da Vinci and Marie Curie.

What to expect from education in the 21st Century and what to demand for needs of our world today.