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There is joy in the history of art

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by María Magdalena Ziegler D.   Thousands of slides in an hour. That’s the story behind a traditional class about the history of art. But it shouldn’t be that way anymore. Stop the boring art history classes now! If you’re an … Continue reading

::: Apreciar el arte y su historia :::

CriticNorman Rockwell, The art critic, 1955 (detail)

Estimulada por un poco de curiosidad y de interés por la enseñanza en línea coloco a su consideración este breve curso sobre la apreciación del arte y su historia. Es gratis y está en español. ¡Espero les guste!

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Stimulated by a bit of curiosity and interest about elearning, I place for your consideration this short course about appreciating art and its history. It’s free and in Spanish. ¡Hope you like it!

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