A hurricane named Eugene Delacroix

by María Magdalena Ziegler   Contrary to popular belief, the famous painting by Eugene Delacroix, Liberty leading the people, was painted in 1830 just after the July Revolution that year, and not in the context of the French Revolution of 1789. The revolution of 1830 would give Louis-Phillipe de Orléans a freeway to become king of …

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Equality leading the people

Eugene Delacroix, Liberty leading the people, 1830Musée du Louvre (París) Last night I was reading a little bit of Théophile Thoré's review of the 1848 Salon exhibition. The year 1848 was a very important year in European history. It was the year that Marx's Communist Manifesto was published, and the year that socialist revolutions broke out …

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