When art was truly revolutionary

by María Magdalena Ziegler  Perhaps there is no better source of political propaganda in the 20th century than the Bolshevik Revolution. The world was captivated by the epic of “a handful of workers” who had taken out of the way one of the most powerful empires on the planet, that of the immense Russia.  Not …

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Art History & the Backfire Effect.

What would you think will happen if you try to change history in order to build a better present? It will backfire at you. In your face. Without warning.

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El Guernica, Venezuela y la visita que no fue

por María Magdalena Ziegler Recientemente, el Museo de Arte Reina Sofía (Madrid), guardián del magistral Guernica (1937) de Pablo Picasso, puso a disposición del mundo una web extraordinaria, Repensar Guernica, a través de la cual los curiosos de todo tipo podemos escudriñar la historia y los secretos de esta pintura. Sin duda que Picasso dejó …

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There is joy in the history of art

by María Magdalena Ziegler D.   Thousands of slides in an hour. That’s the story behind a traditional class about the history of art. But it shouldn’t be that way anymore. Stop the boring art history classes now! If you’re an art teacher or just a curious person who is in love with art history, then …

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Soto: The Houston Penetrable :::.

The wonders of Jesús Soto.