6 Reasons You Should be Talking About Artoons

by María Magdalena Ziegler D.

Pablo Helguera
Pablo Helguera

Laughing if the best of remedies (or so they say). In any case, laughter is free but sometimes hard to crack. Not if you’re into Artoons, the creative interpretations of the art world by Mexican artist, Pablo Helguera. Here are 6 reasons why you should be talking (and laughing) about them.

Reason 1:

You will learn about Geography and how frontiers moves constantly creating new [art] spaces.

Artoon Pablo Helguera

Reason 2:

You will get an accurate panorama of the publishing world.


Reason 3:

You will get a clear explanation about how artistic innovation works.


Reason 4:

You will receive an adaptation of masterpieces of Literature into contemporary art.


Reason 5:

You will get the exact X-Rays of the kind of Art History classes we all hate.


Reason 6:

You will know how to use artistic terms in your everyday life.


In sum, you’ll laugh a little about the art world where a person would pay hundreds of millions of dollars for a painting… Oh, wait! That already happened! Congrats, Leonardo!


Note: Thanks to my friend Fidel Gómez for sharing his interesting interview with Pablo Helguera.


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