Alike: when creativity rejoices

by María Magdalena Ziegler


Have you ever felt rejoiced with creativity? Yes, creativity rejoices! Daniel Martínez Lara and Rafa Cano Méndez know about it and have put a lot of it in their animated short film Alike (2015). Produced at La Fiesta PC, this delightful short has won more than 50 different awards in the round of festivals since it was released.

The authors of Alike take us to a simple world, so simple that ordinary things seem extraordinary. A violinist playing his instrument lights up a child igniting his imagination and boosting his creativity. Meanwhile, his father is stuck in piles of boring paperwork.

The idea of the marvelous vision of the instrument and its sound got into this child’s mind (and soul) being un able to do whatever he “has to do” in school”. Just when his father realizes the joyful power of creativity, he leads his son to embrace it and never let it go.

Alike‘s music score is a little masterpiece composed by Oscar Araujo. A string ensemble does the job playfully and rejoices in creativity so much that it seems the little child’s soul is calling us to join him.

There are no voices. There is no dialogue. There is just this music.

In this short film it is stated that creativity does not seek abundant resources to show up and change your life. Creativity just wants you to embrace it, to feel it in your bones and let it be.

When you allow yourself to go around and look at the world exploring willing to discover something new in something old or ordinary, then you will create universes. You will rejoice and creativity will rejoice with you.

Creativity may look silly sometimes. But it is the energy that enlightens and empowers. There wouldn’t be a wheel nor a pencil if there hadn’t been a person willing to goof around and create. Let it go and rejoice!

By now, enjoy Alike and think about those moments when you didn’t let creativity be your greatest joy…



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