…andrei sul Ponte Vecchio ::: (a tribute to a remarkable woman ) ::: Marion Lignana Rosenberg :::…

I just knew today. Marion has died on Dec 8th, 2013. She was a friend of that new and ethereal kind… She was the kind of person every art passionate wants to be someday. Maybe you, my dear reader, have not heard about her before. It does not matter. She left a wonderful blog about Maria Callas and her legacy and one of her own. If you want to meet her, do not be shy nor afraid. Opera and the culture around it was her passion and if it is yours, her world is at the reach of a click.

::: Mondo Marion ::: http://www.mondo-marion.com/

::: Re-visioning Callas ::: http://www.revisioningcallas.com/

Thank you, Marion for allowed me to be part of your #NutellaBrigata.

There will not be a better way to remember you, than listening to “La Divina” herself…

Here is to you, my friend!

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